Hey folks,

Today is the big day for The First Officer – Alpha Protocol Book 2! By the time you get this email, the book will be released into the wild!

You can get your copy now at the following links:

Here’s the back cover copy to give you a taste of what the story is about:

Forgotten treasures lie waiting in deep space. So too does the greatest threat humanity has ever encountered…

Assigned to a new warship with cutting-edge technology, Jack Samson returns to the Frontier, determined to cast off the question marks over his previous conduct.

The Navy ventures ever farther beyond the Frontier, with fantastic new discoveries becoming a daily occurrence. As humanity reaches for these technological riches, it enters a deadly contest with a lethal adversary, the very survival of the human race being at stake.

Samson and his crew face the fight of their lives as they seek to secure ancient technological wonders and humanity’s place amongst the stars.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series, I’m running a $0.99 sale on Book 1 this week, so you try out the series for minimal investment!

You can get a copy of book 1 at its sale price until next Tuesday, at this link:

Writing sci-fi is a bit of an enjoyable diversion for me from my main stream of fantasy books, and while there tends to be a lot of cross over in audience between the two genres and I realise not everyone signed up for this newsletter is a fan of sci-fi, but I hope if you give my sci-fi books a shot, you’ll enjoy them. I like to think of them as being fantasy stories set in space.

The Alpha Protocol series follows the adventures of a naval officer called Jack Samson, as humanity encounter aliens in deep space for the first time. I like to think of the tale as a blend of Star Trek, any of my fantasy trilogies, with a splash of Indiana Jones added to the mix!